Suburban Lawns - Flavor Crystals



Ohhh man!!! I just love your blog. You've got the greatest taste in music. And points for naming your page after a Replacements song!!! lol My name is Eric. Who are some of your all time favorite bands?!?!?!? Keep up the great posts!!!! :)
Asked by hermit-stew

Hey, thanks! My all time favorite bands include the Velvet Underground, Elliott Smith, The Replacements, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Slowdive.



Stephen McRobbie, The Pastels

By Paul Groovy

what is your take on Cleaners from Venus?
Asked by isthisfastornormalspeed

Love Cleaners From Venus. Initially I didn’t know anything about them except that they only had one constant member and that the music was “jangly and lo-fi” which sounded right up my alley. First album I heard was In the Golden Autumn which I actually didn’t care for at first and I kind of forgot about them until I heard Midnight Cleaners which I absolutely loved.


Headed to work where I will inevitably kick a dude out after drinking nothing but PBR and Christian Brothers for hours and try not to puke after pouring shot after shot of Malort for people who actually seem to like it.